Microsoft Home Use Program

HUP Eligibility

In order to place an order for HUP, you must:

 Be an active employee of UW Colleges or UW Extension.
 Have a valid UW Colleges or UW-Extension email address.
 Know the company’s Program Code.
 Use an accepted form of payment.

Please also note:

 Eligible customers are allowed to purchase ONE license of either Office Professional Plus or Office for Mac.
 The functionality of the products available matches those of retail versions and provide all the benefits you would receive if you bought it at the store.
 Your right to use this software is tied to UW Colleges & Extension’s continued Software Assurance coverage and your continued employment with UW Colleges or UW-Extension. Your IT staff will notify you if the Software Assurance coverage expires.

See the information in this document for information on how to access the Microsoft HUP Web Site and how to order the software.