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CE Technology Teaching Tips and Tools Blog
Learn about new and coming technology tools and teaching with technology. This blog is provided by the Cooperative Extension Instructional Technology Staff.
Digital Literacy - Presentation - Colloquium 2013
Presentation at Colloquium 2013 by Patricia Fellows.
Fun way to learn to speak "geek"
Get a 90 second introduction to a few basic computer terms with a food analogy.
How to apply a screen protector
Learn how to apply a screen protector to your iPad or any other tablet or monitor screen. .
How to Draw Things
Drawing videos for ideas on how to make your illustrations in classes better.
How to make a slideshow in iMovie
A short video on how to create a movie in iMovie using your photos.
How to manage your passwords
If you have multiple passwords, here is a site that gives you some good ideas on how to manage all your passwords.
Instructional Technology Workshop Archives
Interested in learning more about Blackboard Collaborate or Desire2Learn? Check this out!!
Online Training - is a constantly growing library of more than 1,190 self-paced online courses. This diverse catalog, made available to campus through CITS, includes software training, programming lessons and even “concept” tutorials on topics such as design and photography.
Skype Connectivity with Skype For Business (Lync)
Microsoft has recently announced the ability to connect Skype with Skype for Business (Lync) users. This document will show users how to add contacts and use Skype with Skype for Business.
Use public WiFi securely
Using a public WiFi is easy and convenient but it can also be risky. Find out how to use it so you don't put yourself or your data at risk.
What is the Cloud and what can it do for me?
Have you heard the term "cloud" and wondered what it had to do with computers? Here is a quick video.