Academic Applications

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Software
Blackboard Collaborate is our web conferencing tool. You can virtually meet with anyone in the world who as a computer and an internet connection.
Blogs - Web Journals
Blogs are web journals. They provide either the instructor or all class participants to "blog" about a specific assignment, or journal about what is happening during the semester. This list goes on and on.
Class Climate
Class Climate is our course evaluation software. It is used to generate electronic and paper course surveys.
UW Colleges learning management system.
Faculty Dossier Templates
Looking for a template to use for your dossier for retention or tenure? Check these out!
Hot Potatoes Exercise Creation Suite
Hot Potatoes is a FREE six application suite of tools that allow you to create interactive exercises for the internet.
How to make a slideshow in iMovie
A short video on how to create a movie in iMovie using your photos.
Quandary Case Study creation software
Quandary is a FREE application to create Web-based case studies also known as an action maze.
Releasing Final Grades in D2L
Students want to see their grade as the semester progresses. This document takes users through the process of releasing either Final Calculated or Final Adjusted Grades throughout the semester. Thanks to Kelly Mulder (UW-Marathon) for her contribution to our documentation.
Wiki is a Hawaiian word meaning "quick, quick." In instructional technology a wiki is a tool that allows the users to work together on a project, editing, adding content, revising content, etc.