SharePoint 2007 is Moving to Office 365 SharePoint

SharePoint 2007 is an older version of a document sharing website. The newer version, SharePoint 2013, has been integrated with Office 365 and can be found in the Outlook Web App. You can log in here if your school or business has a subscription.

So why is SharePoint 2007 (SP07) getting switched to SharePoint 2013 (SP13)? The platform of SP07 is getting out of date, and is unable to host some newer versions of other Microsoft documents. Because of this, Central IT has decided to switch the content over from SP07 to SP13. Everything will either be retained and switched to SP13 or will be archived, depending on what the owners of each site decide they would like. 

How will I know if my site is getting moved? Our SharePoint transfer team will be sending out emails to all the SP07 owners asking them what they would like done with their files in SP07. Do not do anything until you get one of these emails. You can continue to use SP07 until you have been fully transferred. Once your content is transferred, however, you will be unable to access SP07. Instead, you will use SP13.

But I don't know how to use SP13! Don't worry, the layout is incredibly similar to SP07. It is very user friendly, and easy to navigate. Of course, if you are having troubles with anything in SP13, our Service Center is more than willing to help you solve any problems you may encounter.

I don't know if I have anything on SP07 - what should I do? This would be a good example of when you would want to archive these files. If you are an owner of a site in SP07 but you never use it or your files are not necessary to be accessed often, you can choose to archive these items.  This means they will still exist in an archived folder, however, they cannot be accessed easily by you or any other owner.  

I don't know if I'll need these items in the future - if I archive, can I still access them? Not easily, but they will still exist. You are more than welcome to take a backup copy of these files for yourself if you believe you may need them someday. They will just no longer be stored on SP07.

Who is moving everything over? The SharePoint team at Central IT will be handling all the files that will be archived. For smaller sites that wish to be transferred, our SharePoint team will also handle this. The larger sites with a lot of content will be moved by the owners. The SharePoint team will set up the new SP13 sites, but the owners will be in charge of transferring the content.


All these transfers will be taking place within the next few months - expect an email within that time to find out if you will need to be transitioning anything!