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Service Description

Technology Consulting is the function of advising campus and division units on how best to use information technology to meet their objectives.


Technology Consulting is comprised of several services that can be used individually or combined with other services based on need.  The services included in this service category are:

Application Strategy - Applications provide the functional component of IT ecosystem that improves staff productivity and enables business units to function efficiently. Central IT is able to provide consultation on applications and tools that can use the IT architecture to satisfy the functional needs of the business units.

Architecture Strategy - The IT architecture is the foundation that enables implementation of the IT Strategy. Central IT can design the IT architecture, either in part or in whole, to support the overall IT Strategy.

IT Strategy – Central IT can assist business units from UW Colleges and UW-Extension in developing an IT strategy that can meet their business needs while maintaining alignment with the overall IT strategy for the Colleges and/or Extension enterprise.

Security - By understanding the desired outcome, the data, and the risks through discussions with business leaders, Central IT is able to advise users on best practices to ensure the integrity of sensitive data while still enabling the business to deliver its services. Central IT will also work with business units to ensure that security (physical and logical) is considered during strategy discussions as well as tactical daily decisions.

Hours of Service
7 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday
How to Obtain The Service

Call 608-262-5034 or 1-888-893-9892

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