information security

Service Description

The IT Security service consists of activities essential to protecting sensitive UW Colleges and Extension data, the personally identifiable information of faculty and staff, and ensuring that UW Colleges and Extension are compliant with all Federal and State regulations.


Anti-Virus Home Use – Anti-Virus software is available to UW Colleges and Extension faculty and staff for their home computers that are used for accessing University systems to ensure that Viruses do not enter into the University computer network.

Best Practices – Identify industry best practices/standards for the protection of University and personal data. Assist Campuses and Divisions in informing, implementing, and managing to these best practices/standards.

Compliance – Guidance and/or assistance for complying with applicable regulatory standards (PCI, FERPA, etc.).

IT Security Awareness – The largest component of IT Security is ensuring that faculty, staff, and students are aware of the necessary security precautions and habits that provide for a secure computing environment. The IT Security Awareness service works to inform users of the University network of the need for strong protections, how to incorporate security habits into their daily work routines, and how to be smarter than the hackers who seek to gain their personal information.

Security Incident Management – The management and response to all data security breaches or data exposures that occur on the University network, UW Colleges Campuses, and in UW-Extension Division offices.

Hours of Service
7 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday
How to Obtain The Service

Call 608-262-5034 or 1-888-893-9892

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