Service Description

Providing and managing computing environments (servers, storage, etc.) that support multiple application needs, from simple HTML websites to complex/resilient application/database hosting, including hosting of third party applications.


Application Hosting – The ability to deliver application functionality by implementing, configuring, executing, and managing the application on infrastructure located in the CITS data center. CITS can perform all or part of these functions as desired by the requester. 

Data Backup and Recovery – CITS will ensure the data it manages is backed up and that it is recoverable at the originating site and at a remote site for COOP and DR purposes.

Data Warehouse Management – CITS provides and supports data warehouse environments in support of business processes and for the purpose of producing reports.

Database Management – CITS will provide full and partial management of Oracle, SQL, and MySQL database environments to support requester needs.

File Management – CITS will provide storage for the placement and maintenance of user files.  File storage will be managed by CITS to ensure performance and availability. File storage is also backed up regularly and restored as needed.

Request Management – CITS provides a software solution that enables users to manage their internal workload in a structured, automated environment versus trying to use e-mail as a workload management tool.

Virtualization – CITS can virtualize your physical servers within its data center, thereby reducing your overall cost of running and maintaining your own environment.

Web Hosting – CITS will host your website(s) on a high availability platform that meets your business requirements.

Hours of Service
7 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday
How to Obtain The Service

Call 608-262-5034 or 1-888-893-9892

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