account and identity management

Service Description

The process of creating/removing accounts, managing account information, and providing access to data, applications, systems, and other IT resources.


Access Request – access to files, servers, applications and other secure resources can be regulated and administered to assure only those that have been granted access have access.

Account Management – new accounts, old accounts, email accounts, and any other named accounts can be managed so that users have a way to login to UW-Colleges/UW-Extension resources.  Using an account with a password provides the first level of security to network resources.

Password Management – passwords are important for security to network resources.  Password complexity, initial password creation and password resets are all issues included in password management.

Remote Access – access to UW-Colleges/UW-Extension network resources from around the world can obtained through Central IT.  When your job requires access from somewhere other than your desk, Central It can provide it.

Hours of Service
7 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday
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Call 608-262-5034 or 1-888-893-9892

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