Campus Network Infrastructure Project

The Campus Network Infrastructure Project, or CNIP, has the goal of upgrading our UW Colleges campus networks and wireless networks. In the effort to improve the campus network, the CNIP project team here at Central IT has been connecting with campuses about their needs and wants. We have a plan to upgrade all 13 UWC Campuses by July of 2016. Four campuses have been nearly completed, and there are four more in the very beginning stages.

The CNIP team is ensuring that our campus partners are kept up-to-date on the goings on of this project, and we are also making sure that the campuses being work on are in constant communication with us. We are really excited for this project to be completed in full next year, and there's already been great results from the four campuses that are nearly complete. We've been learning a lot of important lessons from this project so far, and the knowledge from these experiences will help make the next campus transitions even smoother. So far, feedback has been positive, with only a few glitches and bumps along the way. Also available for campuses is a FAQ about the what will happen during the transition time. You can find this document here (note- you will need to sign in to view this document).

We are very optimistic about this project, and we believe that it will truly be a positive influence on our campus staff, students, and faculty. The Central IT CNIP project team is very excited to see the final results of this project!

Office 365 Migration

Current Project Status:  The Office 365 MIgration project is progressing nicely. Faculty and staff can see the latest project announcements and status information on the project's SharePoint site.

Project Overview

In the summer of 2013, Microsoft informed Central IT that all Live@edu users would be migrated to their main email platform, Office 365, and that the UW Colleges students using Live@edu would need to be migrated to Office 365 by the end of September 2013.  Central IT began learning more about Office 365 and ultimately determined that moving faculty and staff to Office 365 would provide much requested new functionality (instant messaging, web-based video conferencing, file sharing, file storage, easier to use SharePoint, blogging, and more) as well as address the aging UWCX email infrastructure that would need upgrading or replacement.  On August 7, 2013 the UW Colleges students were successfully migrated to Office 365.


Will I still use Outlook to access my email?

Yes, Windows users will still use Outlook as their email client so the transition to Office 365 should be relatively seamless. Office 365 supports Outlook versions from Microsoft Office 2007 to 2013.  Apple users can still use Outlook on the Mac, however Outlook for the Mac will still operate as it does today, which can be frustrating for Apple users.  Apple users will have a better experience accessing Office 365 via the web.


How do students get a copy of the MS-Office applications for their computer?

Office 365 includes a web version of the most popular MS-Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).  Discounted versions of MS-Office are no longer available for students through the Wisc Software catalog.  Instead students have two options:

  1. Purchase the Home and Student version of MS-Office at commercial retail outlets or via the web.
  2. Purchase a copy of Office 365 for Education from Wisc Software.  This version of Office 365 is a 4 year lease that allows the student to download the MS-Office applications onto their computer.  Important Note:  By selecting this option Microsoft will require the student to create a personal Office 365 account using a .edu email address.  This personal account cannot be connected to the UW Colleges and Extension instance of Office 365.

BI Platform Project Initiated

The Business Intelligence (BI) Platform project is under way! CITS and members of UWC Finance and Student Registration will participate in a series of Business Analysis (BA) meetings in May and June. This first phase of the project will deliver valuable information to members of the project team tasked with building the data infrastructure and reporting capabilities.

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