New Updates to D2L!

Exciting news! Beginning with the Winterim term of 2015, instructors will no longer have to request D2L course sites! Instead, all the sites will be automatically created. Why is this important you ask?

Not only will all instructors have the opportunity to access features of D2L such as posting important notices, gradebook, and different supplements for course work, but instructors who have previously never taken advantage of D2L will have the opportunity to do so, without having to request a course be created.


This will also be more time-effective for not only the instructors, but our instructional technology team as well! Instructional Technologist Karla Farrell states: “Each semester we devoted hours and hours of time to activate D2L course sites. Instructors would have to complete the course request form and then wait for us to activate their courses. At the beginning of the semester, we’d be overwhelmed by the volume of requests. It was not unusual for me to log in from home to create sites in an attempt to catch up. In the meantime, the instructor couldn’t begin to add content to their course sites.” The hassle and worry is gone, now that courses will be automatically created!

Instructors who wish to have sections of their courses combined, teaching cross-listed, or stacked courses will still have to request those combinations using the course request form found here: