How do Notifications work in Desire2Learn?

Users can set them up to send either and email or an SM message to their phone when changes take place in Discussions, Grades, Dropbox, News and Quizzes.  When setting up notifications it is important to understand that the emails come from a non-active email account in Desire2Learn (,) not from your instructor or students.  Please do not reply to the email. 

When setting up notifications there are several options including; when they are sent to you, which courses you include, what information is included, and again, if it is an email or SMS message that is sent.  Note these SMS messages count against  your text message account, so if you have a limit per month consider whether or not you want to have these notifications sent every day to your phone.

If you have any questions about Notifications and how to set them up, you can learn more by logging into Desire2Learn and going to: Notifications

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