Any News item can be "Dismissed" by the user.  Instructors or students who dismiss a News item from their Course Homepage in Desire2Learn can go into the News tool and Restore the item to News if need be.  If your News widget is getting full of old news items that have already been read, dismiss them.  They can always be restored if need be.

Users can set them up to send either and email or an SM message to their phone when changes take place in Discussions, Grades, Dropbox, News and Quizzes.  When setting up notifications it is important to understand that the emails come from a non-active email account in Desire2Learn (helpldesk@uwc.edu,) not from your instructor or students.  Please do not reply to the email. 

When setting up notifications there are several options including; when they are sent to you, which courses you include, what information is included, and again, if it is an email or SMS message that is sent.  Note these SMS messages count against  your text message account, so if you have a limit per month consider whether or not you want to have these notifications sent every day to your phone.

If you have any questions about Notifications and how to set them up, you can learn more by logging into Desire2Learn and going to: Notifications

In the Discussions area in D2L, you may not see a place to click to upload a file into your class discussion. This is likely due to your browser pop-up blocker settings. To fix this, simply hold down the CTRL key to bypass the pop-up blocker and display the Add File window in its entirety.

If you are unable to login to any of our systems, please be sure you have applied to a UW Colleges campus or UW Colleges Online. Be sure you have waited at least 24 hours after receiving a letter of acceptance and have completed the first-time user setup process.

If you do not see your class in D2L, please first contact your professor and ask whether or not they have the site set up. If it is, please contact us via our Get Support page.

If you have applied and been accepted to a UW Colleges institution and you have waited 24 hours after receiving your letter of acceptance, please contact Central IT at:

Toll Free 888-893-9892

Local (Dane County WI) 608-262-5034

UW Colleges D2L site: https://d2l.uwc.edu//

Enrollment in D2L occurs one day after enrollment in a course in PRISM. Note also that your instructor may not use D2L and therefore, you would not see your course listed in the My Courses widget on the homepage.