We are happy to answer any general questions you may have about physical computer operations or software recommendations; however, our support for these devices is limited in a number of ways. Unfortunately, the Central IT Service Center does not support the personal computers of students, faculty, or staff unless support is needed for an application being run in direct relation to work activities (e.g. Citrix). The computers we do support are located in the city of Madison in a variety of locations including the Extension buildings on Lake St., Charter St., and Lowell Hall. All of the computers we support have an asset tag on them that says "Property of UWCX" followed by a series of characters beginning with "ADM-" The location of the sticker may vary but unless this sticker is present on the machine, we do not support it.

If your computer has another prefix on it such as "ONL" or "MNT" it probably belongs to the corresponding campus and you will need to contact them in order to get your computer repaired. Those who are working in the UW-Extension county offices will need to contact your county IT people for physical computer issues. If you feel as though your issue is NOT a local workstation issue, feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail so that we can make a better determination.

For those that use both an iPad and a PC here is how to transfer files between the two devices.