UWCX Employees Can Access UW Madison Wifi Network!

A UW Madison netID will allow you to log into the campus wireless network, Eduroam wireless, get into campus libraries, and other campus resources like the SERF. To access these, UW Madison will issue you a Wiscard if you are a UW Colleges or Extension employee.

Step One- Obtain a Wiscard

1. Before you go to the Wiscard Office, call them at 608-262-3258. Tell them you are a UW Colleges or Extension employee and you wish to get a Wiscard. Ask them to confirm you are eligible.

2. Go to Union South on UW Madison's campus, visit Room 149. You need to bring a legal photo ID with you to recieve a Wiscard. Acceptable forms of ID are listed here. http://www.wiscard.wisc.edu/get-your-wiscard.html

Step Two- Activate your UW Madison netID

1. Once you have your Wiscard, go to http://mynetid.wisc.edu

2. Enter the ID number from your Wiscard and your date of birth into the web form. Click activate.

3. Enter a password for your account and hit submit. 


Congratulations! You've obtained a netID for UW Madison. You can use the Eduroam network by entering your netID and password when prompted. From then on, you can use the wireless network anywhere on the UW Madison campus.