Desire2Learn (D2L) is the UW College’s learning management system.  It is available for use for all courses in PRISM and for continuing education credit courses. 

Join the Desire2Learn Community Site to network with Desire2Learn users around the world:  This site has training materials, discussion forums, news about upcoming versions of Desire2Learn, information about upcoming conferences, and more.  This site is a great online resource for “Everything D2L.”

What's New in Desire2Learn Version 10.1?

On January 8, 2014 beginning aroung 10:00 pm, until around 10:00 am on January 9, 2014 Desire2Learn will be unavailable due to an upgrade to Version 10.1.   All UW System campuses will be upgrading to Desire2Learn Version 10.1. If you are teaching a Winterim course, please plan accordingly. 

What this means for Desire2Learn users is a new Content interface using drag and drop features, as well as a slightly  new look in Discussions.  A newly designed theme for UW Colleges and UW Colleges Online, and a new login page will also be put in place in January.  You will love the new look!

As materials become available they will be posted here for you to learn more about Version 10.1.

Desire2Learn Version 10.1 Videos

Web training archive - DUe to the poor quality of this video we have removed this video from the web and provided the two videos below.  We think you will find them to be much more useful and easy to follow.

Video of New Content Tool in Version 10.1 - Video Link

Video of New User Progress Tool in Version 10.1 - Video Link


Desire2Learn Version 10.1 Documentation

Note that in some cases documentation will refer to tools in Desire2Learn that UW Colleges or UW Colleges Online do not have available.

Media Management System in Desire2Learn - Media@UWC

Introduction to the new Media Management System in Desire2Learn, Media@UWC

  • Inserting Stuff into D2L News, Content and Discussions- How to: Video

  • Adding New Media using Insert Stuff Documentation

2013 Technology Infusion Boot Camp Videos & a Lonely MP3 File

These files take time to load, especially the first one covering Common Threads.  Also, Chrome does not seem to want to play the files. We are working on this issue and once resolved will post the solution.

Training Documentation

Version 10.0 -10.3

Desire2Learn Training Videos

Tech Tip Tuesday Archives