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Sep 10, 2015

All of the staff here at Central IT would like to welcome students, faculty, and staff back to school! There are quite a few updates for fall coming from the Central IT department, and we are excited to share these with you!

Aug 10, 2015

At the start of every semester, calls would roll in to the CITS Service Center and Colleges Online OneStop Center “Where are my courses?” “I can’t get into D2L.” “How come I have to login to two separate D2Ls to see all of my courses?” 

“Countless hours were spent directing students and instructors to the correct instance of D2L. We cut down on that a bit by creating a single login page with buttons for each instance,” says Karla Farrell, D2L site administrator for Colleges. 

Jun 15, 2015

SharePoint 2007 is an older version of a document sharing website. The newer version, SharePoint 2013, has been integrated with Office 365 and can be found in the Outlook Web App. You can log in here if your school or business has a subscription.

So why is SharePoint 2007 (SP07) getting switched to SharePoint 2013 (SP13)? The platform of SP07 is getting out of date, and is unable to host some newer versions of other Microsoft documents. Because of this, Central IT has decided to switch the content over from SP07 to SP13. Everything will either be retained and switched to SP13 or will be archived, depending on what the owners of each site decide they would like. 

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